Operational documents - NDPHS

Operational documents


Action Plan 2023-2025

The Action Plan accompanies Strategy 2023-2025 and defines whom the Partnership works with, how it works, and what it does to realise the principles of the Strategy. The Action Plan is expected to be adopted in 2023.

Annual Work Plan for 2022

The Work Plan gives an overview of the Partnership’s ambition for 2022 and details the intended actions for the year.

Annual Progress Report 2021

The document describes the Partnership’s overall progress and activities in 2021, covering accomplishments and reflecting on challenges. The report is expected to be adopted in Autumn 2022.

EUSBSR Action Plan 2021

The Action Plan 2021 gives a practical dimension for the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region by defining its modes of operations and governance structures as well as describing 14 different policy areas and their actions. The Action Plan provides a framework for operations within Policy Area “Health”.

PA Health Work Plan

This Work Plan describes how the NDPHS intends to fulfil its assignment as the Coordinator for Policy Area “Health” within the EUSBSR in 2022-2023. The Work Plan is intended to be adopted in Autumn 2022.