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Privacy Policy

The NDPHS is committed to protecting website viewers’ privacy and personal information. This Online Privacy Statement explains how viewers’ personal information will be treated as they access and interact with the NDPHS website. It should be noted that some services, which are made a part of this website, may have their specific terms and conditions of use, which are either complementary to this Online Privacy Statement or may alter some of its provisions. In the latter case, this is clearly explained in all respective service sections (such as the NDPHS Account System) and their visitors are given an option of declining entering them.

Collection of personal information

The NDPHS privacy policy is clear: we will collect no personal information about website visitors when they visit the NDPHS website, except for when it is knowingly and voluntarily submitted.

Use and disclosure of personal information

The NDPHS will not sell or publish any information submitted by subscribers. All information is kept strictly confidential and is used solely for the purposes clearly specified on this website unless the NDPHS disclose other uses at the time of collection. This personal information will not be released to persons or entities outside NDPHS without their consent unless required by law.


Except for when a visitor uses the NDPHS Account System, the NDPHS does not write any cookies to website visitors’ hard drives when they visit the NDPHS website.

Security of personal information

The NDPHS is committed to keeping any information it receives secure. However, any information that is transmitted or sent to the NDPHS, including e-mail address, is done at visitors’ own risk.

Links and third party sites

The NDPHS website contains links to third-party sites. All third-party links on this website are provided for visitors’ convenience. They can access those sites and or use the site’s products and services at their own risk. The NDPHS is not responsible for and makes no representations concerning the condition and content of, or product offerings at the third-party site. Neither does the NDPHS control the content or privacy policies of third party sites. The NDPHS encourages website visitors to read the privacy statement of each site they visit, when they leave this website.

Correcting information

If website visitors would like to update or correct the personal information they have provided the NDPHS with, they may do so by notifying the NDPHS Secretariat. This concerns requests regarding the entire NDPHS website.


Please contact the NDPHS Secretariat.