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Non-Communicable Diseases

In our thematic work on non-communicable diseases, we put health promotion and disease prevention at the centre of our actions. We strive to promote good health and healthy lifestyles over the life-course.

In the Nordic-Baltic Region, societies are facing more and more avoidable illnesses, premature death and disability due to unhealthy lifestyle choices. Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and many cancers, dominate the disease burden and remain the leading causes of death in Europe. Yet, most NCDs are preventable. People can be supported to adopt and strengthen healthier lifestyles.

Our Expert Group on Non-Communicable Diseases has conducted research on the preventable causes of premature mortality in our Region. The data from 2003-2017 sheds light on major public health concerns, including harmful use of alcohol and tobacco, obesity and mental health. The Expert Group updates the data regularly to study the latest trends.

Expert Group Members


Expert Group suspended


Expert Group suspended

International Technical Advisor

Expert Group suspended


Estonia Eesti

Dr. Anneli Sammel
National Institute for Health Development
Centre for Health Risks Prevention


Finland Suomi

Dr. Pekka Jousilahti
Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL)


Dr. Mikko Vienonen
Finnish Consulting Group (FCG)

Dr. Tiina Laatikainen
The University of Eastern Finland


Latvia Latvija

Ms. Iveta Pudule
Centre for Disease Prevention and Control


Ms. Madara Saka
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia


Lithuania Lietuva

Ms. Audronė Astrauskienė
Ministry of Health


Ms. Inga Cechanovičienė
Ministry of Health

Ms. Birutė Kavaliauskienė
Ministry of Health

Ms. Ieva Gudanavičienė
Ministry of Health


Norway Norge

Ms. Ingrid Vigerust
The Department of Public Health
Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services


Poland Polska

Dr. Artur Karol Jakubiak
Medical University of Lublin
Chair and Department of Family Medicine


Sweden Sverige

Dr. Pia Lindeskog
Public Health Agency of Sweden