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Health in All Policies

People’s health is defined by many factors that lie outside the healthcare system. Therefore, our cross-cutting work seeks to promote a Health in All Policies approach.

Education, housing, employment, climate and infrastructure, among others, influence our health outcomes. While health and well-being of the population impact the success of other sectors, e.g. labour and education, the policies of other areas can have a large impact on health, e.g. climate, environment and finance. It is therefore crucial to improve the awareness of policymakers from other sectors to understand and analyse the health impact of policies in their sector.


Healthy Breaks during the EUSBSR Annual Forum 2022 provided by the PA Health Coordinator NDPHS ©Secretariat


As the Coordinator of the Policy Area “Health” in the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region, our Partnership is uniquely placed to engage with other policy sectors to promote inclusion of health and well-being as a key component of policy development.