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Occupational Safety and Health

Our work on Occupational Safety and Health prioritises worker’s health and wellbeing. To maximise healthy working years, we seek to strengthen the capacity of the relevant stakeholders to promote occupational safety and health.

Working careers are longer than ever before and workplaces are becoming more diverse. With the changing world of work, new forms and methods of work have arisen. The concerns for the safety, health and welfare of people at work are many and varied. Therefore, high quality occupational safety and health services are needed so that everyone can receive the best standard of occupational care.

Our Expert Group on Occupational Safety and Health has previously studied the existing barriers to identification and reporting of the occupational and work-related diseases. The results shed light on the emerging work-related health and safety risks and the areas in need of further policy development. To complement this study, the group works on identifying the shortages of competencies among OSH professionals in the changing world of work.

Expert Group Members


Finland Suomi


Mr. Owe Österbacka

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health


Norway Norge


Dr. Jogindra Samant

Directorate of Labour Inspection


Finland Suomi

International Technical Advisor

Ms., D.Sc (Tech.), Päivi Hämäläinen

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Department for Work and Gender Equality
Policy Unit


Estonia Eesti

Ms. Eva Põldis
Ministry of Social Affairs


Ms. Silja Soon
Labour Inspectorate

Ms. Karin Reinhold
Tallinn University of Technology


Latvia Latvija

Mr. Ivars Vanadziņš
Institute for Occupational Safety and Environmental Health


Ms. Jolanta Geduša
Ministry of Welfare of Latvia


Lithuania Lietuva

Ms Lolita Pilipavičienė
Occupational Health Centre
Institute of Hygiene


Ms. Kristina Jokimaitė
Primary Health Care and Nursing Division
Personal Health Care Department
Ministry of Health

Ms. Giedrė Namajūnaitė
Health Promotion Division
Public Health Department
Ministry of Health


Norway Norge

Ms. Anne Marie Lund Eikrem
Directorate of Labour Inspection


Poland Polska

Ms; PhD Eliza Goszczyńska
Nofer Institute of Occupational Medicine (NIOM)


Sweden Sverige

Ms. Anette Nylund
The Swedish Agency for Work Environment Expertise

International Organisation for Migration (IOM)

Mr. Jaime Calderon
Regional Office for South-Eastern Europe, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Vienna, MHD

International Labour Organization (ILO)

Mr Claude Loiselle
Labour Administration, Labour Inspection and Occupational Safety and Health Branch (LABADMIN/OSH)
Governance and Tripartism Department (GOVERNANCE)
International Labour Office

The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

Mr. Tim Tregenza
The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work