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Prison Health

We believe that everyone has a right to the best attainable standard for health – even in prisons. Our thematic work on Prison Health seeks to address the disparities in health status and access to quality health services for people in prisons.

Many of our main public health concerns are exacerbated in prisons – including communicable and non-communicable diseases as well as mental disorders. Despite confinement, prison health concerns the whole society – one third of inmates leave prison and enter the public every year. To ensure that prisons do not become breeding places for diseases, we must provide the highest standard for care also in prisons.

Prison health is an often neglected topic in international health cooperation. Being one of the only actors in the field in Europe, our Expert Group on Prison Health is a valued partner of the WHO, providing regional knowledge and expertise.

Expert Group Members


To be nominated


To be nominated

International Technical Advisor

The NDPHS Secretariat


Estonia Eesti

Ms. Merike Sirendi
Ministry of Justice


Finland Suomi

Ms Hanna Hemminki-Salin
VTH Health Care Services for Prisoners


Latvia Latvija

Ms Kristīne Ķipēna
Ministry of Justice


Ms Jana Feldmane
Ministry of Health


Lithuania Lietuva

Ms. Birutė Semėnaitė
Prison Department under the Ministry of Justice


Ms. Birutė Kavaliauskienė
Ministry of Health


Norway Norge

Mr. Stig Herman Nygård
Norwegian Directorate of Health
Department municipal health and care services


Poland Polska

Ms kpt. Urszula Charciarek
Senior specialist in the Office of the health service
The Central Administration of The Prison Service


Ms Monika Jakubowska
Inspector in the Office of the Health Service
The Central Administration of the Prison Service

Russia Россия

Cooperation suspended until
further notice


Sweden Sverige

Ms. Hanna Edberg
Swedish Prison and Probation Service

World Health Organisation (WHO)

Dr. Filipa Azevedo e Silva