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Economy of Wellbeing

In our work on Economy of Well-being, we  put people’s health and quality of life at the centre of societal development.


Helsinki, Finland ©Tim Bird

Economic growth alone has proven not able to provide health and well-being for all people, the societies and the planet. A high number of people in Europe remain at risk of exclusion and belong to vulnerable groups. Changes in demographic structures, an ageing population, growing sense of inequalities and unfairness, changes in the world of work, and serious environmental degradation have made this theme even more topical. Economic thinking and societal development are therefore moving beyond GDP to embrace new metrics of progress from the SDGs to national well-being indicators. By applying these and striving towards an Economy of Well-being, people and social justice are placed at the heart of the economic policy with decisions made in accordance with the impact on wellbeing and the planet.

Our ambition is to become the leading voice advocating for and seeking to gather stakeholders into a co-creative, cross-sector collaboration process for jointly establishing the concept of Economy of Wellbeing for all people as the default mindset for sustainable economic growth and development strategy in the region.