Winter 2021 Newsletter - NDPHS

Winter 2021 Newsletter

24 December, 2021

Dear Reader,

As another extraordinary year is approaching its end, we take a moment to reflect on our Partnership’s journey during the last months.

We are proud of what we have accomplished together with all of you and our main message today is that of gratitude.

Thank you from the NDPHS Secretariat’s team for being with us during the past year. What a challenge this year has been for everyone, juggling the professional obligations and the complications to everyday life that the pandemic has brought – yet you have been present, have contributed and have supported us along the way. Thank you!

We wish you to have a wonderful end-of-year break filled with love, warmth, peace and contemplation. If you are reading this message already from 2022 – welcome back and have a good start to the year.

NDPHS Secretariat’s team,
Silvija, Wiebke, Zane, Imants, Saara, √úlla-Karin

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Other News
Establishment of a network of local communities for collaboration on preventive work to reduce the harm caused by alcohol and drugs across the Baltic Sea Region
The network is aiming to become a platform for sharing knowledge, learning from each other, and building capacity in strengthening community actions in health promotion and alcohol prevention.
28 November, 2022
The #CultureForHealth Report is now available
Scoping review of culture, well-being, and health interventions and their evidence, impacts, challenges and policy recommendations for Europe.
25 November, 2022
Looking back at the Baltic Sea Youth Declaration 2020
Throughout the last two years we as the PA Health coordinator have conceptually embedded the youth recommendations into our actions and thematic priorities. We look forward to continuing our work in advocating for young peoples' concerns.
8 November, 2022
Ageism and Different Narratives of Ageing
What is ageism? What are the leading factors on the change in how we see and feel about ageing and ageing populations? Can a person have SELF-ageism? In this episode we are getting to know what is meant by ageism and how the narratives could be changed for a more positive look on ageing.
31 October, 2022
The 13th Annual Forum of the EUSBSR
The 13th Annual Forum took place from 28th to 29th of September in Lappeenranta, Finland. Amongst other excellent speakers, Dr √úlla-Karin Nurm, Director of the NDPHS Secretariat, participated in the parallel session "Recovery after shocks" representing Policy Area Health.
24 October, 2022
Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis: People Living with HIV/AIDS
This episode brings our attention to the Ukrainian Humanitarian Crisis and people living with HIV/AIDS. Together with our guests we look for narratives of hope, highlight success stories and create an overview of what has been done in the region.
4 October, 2022
Economy of Well-being
We discuss the Economy of Well-being with a feminist economist Anni Marttinen from SOSTE (Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health).
4 October, 2022
Tune in Health – a new podcast series
We are starting a podcast series. Tune in to health and well-being related conversations with expert guests and listen in-depth analysis of the daily issues in the Northern Europe, Baltic Sea region and beyond.
31 August, 2022
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