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4th Meeting of the Expert Group of Primary Health and Prison Health Systems

09 - 10 February 2012, Berlin, Germany


Invitation to the 4th Meeting of NDPHSMS Word DocumentPDF Document
Hotel registration form (booking until Jan 3, 2012)PDF Document 
Practical information for the participants of PPHS 4, Berlin February 9-10thMS Word Document 
On-line registration form HTML Document
List of the on-line registered participants HTML Document


CodeTitleSubmitted byFiles
PPHS 4/2/1Provisional annotated agenda of the PPHS 4 Meeting, Berlin, Feb 9-10ITAMS Word Document  
PPHS 4/2/2Timetable of the PPHS 4 Meeting, Berlin, Febr 9-10ITAMS Word Document  
PPHS 4/9.3/Info 1INNOCARE- Innovative solutions in care of elderly citizens living at home (project description)NDPHS Secretariat and ITAMS Word DocumentPDF Document 
PPHS 4/10/1PPHS EG project proposal for possible EC support to NDPHS EGs and TGs in 2012 (ENPI Regional East Indicative Programme)ITA MS Word Document 
PPHS 4/12/Info1WHO Euro Draft European Action Plan for Strengthening Public Health Capacities and ServicesITAPDF Document  
PPHS 4/13/Info1Discussion of Concept note for the possible project “Capacity Building, Knowledge Transfer and Best Practice in Working with Populations Most At Risk from Blood-Borne Virus Infections in Prison and Post-Prison Settings in Baltic and Nordic Countries”ITA MS Word Document 
PPHS 4/13/Info2Discussion of Concept note for the possible project “Improving the system of medical and social measures aimed at creating adequate reproductive behavior among women prisoners”ITA  MS Word Document
PPHS 4/13/Info3Discussion of Concept note for the possible project “Development of the effective model of preventive education and reintegration of young inmates in the Russian Federation” ITA MS Word Document 


Minutes of the PPHS EG 4th Meeting MS Word Document

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