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7th Meeting of the Expert Group on Primary Health Care

05 - 06 March 2009, Kaliningrad, Russian Federation


Invitation to the seventh meeting of the Expert Group on Primary Health Care MS Word Document
On-line registration form HTML Document
List of the on-line registered participants HTML Document


CodeTitleSubmitted byFiles
PHC 7/Info1Practical InformationITAMS Word Document 
PHC 7/Info2Hotel reservation formITAMS Word Document 
PHC 7/2/1Provisional agenda of the meetingITA MS Word Document
PHC 7/2/2Provisional annotated agendaChair and ITAMS Word Document 
PHC 7/2/3Preliminary timetable of the meetingITA MS Word Document
PHC 7/3 Info1Document presented during EG Chair/ITA 8th meeting on the NDPHS contribution to BSR strategyITAMS Word Document 
PHC 7/3 Info2NDPHS Work plan for 2009 presented in EG Chair and ITA 8th meeting ITAPDF Document 
PHC 7/5/Info1Programme of the workshops connected to the PHC 7th meetingITAMS Word Document 
PHC 7/5/Info2Background information to the workshops: European Definition of Family Medicine/General PracticeITAPDF DocumentPDF Document
PHC 7/5 Info3WHO report 2008 "Primary HEalth care now more than ever"ITAPDF Document 
PHC 7/5 Info4Saltman and co "Primary health care in the driver's seat"ITAPDF Document 
PHC 7/5 Info5General Practice East of Eden: an Overview of General Practice in Eastern Europe ITAPDF Document 
PHC 7/5 Info6Family Medicine in Baltic CountriesITAPDF Document 
PHC 7/8/Info1EU green paper workforceITAPDF Document 
PHC 7/9/Info1Summary of the discussions on possible Prison Health issues and possible input of PHC EGITAMS Word Document 
PHC 7/9/Info2Information about the side event of the sixth PAC meeting in November 2009ITAMS Word Document 


Presentation Poland PDF Document
Presentation Latvia PDF Document
Presentation Lithuania PDF Document
Minutes of PHC EG 7th Meeting PDF Document

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