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3rd Meeting of the Expert Group on HIV, TB and Associated Infections, 15-16.9.2016

15 - 16 September 2016, St-Petersburg, Russia


Invitation to the 3rd Meeting of the HIV, TB&AI Expert Group PDF Document
Practical Information for participantsMS Word Document 
Location of the hotels and St-Petersburg TB Institute PDF Document
On-line registration form (deadline for registration: 2016-09-12) HTML Document
List of the on-line registered participants HTML Document


CodeTitleSubmitted byFiles
HIV, TB&AI 3/3/1Provisional agenda with tentative timetableHIV, TB&AI ITAMS Word DocumentPDF Document
HIV, TB&AI 3/3/1 Rev 1Revised provisional agenda of the MeetingHIV, TB&AI ITAMS Word DocumentPDF Document
HIV, TB&AI 3/3/1 Rev 22nd revised provisional agenda with indicative timetable HIV, TB&AI ITAMS Word DocumentPDF Document
HIV, TB&AI 3/3/2Provisional annotated agendaHIV, TB&AI ITAMS Word DocumentPDF Document
HIV, TB&AI 3/3/2 Rev 1Revised provisional annotated agendaHIV, TB&AI ITAMS Word DocumentPDF Document
HIV, TB&AI 3/9Overview of the EG's progress in 2016 (till September 2016)HIV, TB&AI ITA PDF Document
HIV, TB&AI 3/9/DProvisional programme of International Congress "HIV Infection and Immunosuppressive Conditions", 17-18 October 2016, St-PetersburgHIV, TB&AI ITAMS Word Document 


Draft Minutes of the 3rd EG MeetingMS Word DocumentPDF Document
TB Epidemiology in Russia_2016 (in Russian) PDF Document
HIV situation and response in Russia (in Russian) PDF Document
overview of HIV, TB and AI EG activities in January-September 2016 PDF Document
Overview of Vilnius Communicable Disease Summit 2016 PDF Document
Tentative Report of the Survey on the implementation of the NDPHS HIV/AIDS/TB Statement PDF Document
Progress of EU’s Joint Action on HIV and Co-Infection Prevention and Harm Reduction PDF Document
Progress of the Barents TB Programme and Barents HIV Programme PDF Document
Role and Mandate of IFRC on access of the most vulnerable population to prevention of socially determined diseases PDF Document
TB Governance in Sweden PDF Document
TB Governance in Norway PDF Document
TB Governance in Finland (in English) PDF Document
TB Governance in Finland (in Russian) PDF Document
TB and HIV situation in Poland PDF Document
TB and HIV situation in Lithuania PDF Document
TB situation in Latvia PDF Document
Preventive interventions in IDUs and HIV vaccine development  PDF Document
Involving Ethnic Diasporas into TB Prevention Efforts  PDF Document

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