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29th Meeting of the Committee of Senior Representatives

26 - 27 April 2018, Riga, Latvia


Invitation to the 29th Meeting of the NDPHS Committee of Senior Representatives PDF Document
Practical Information for Participants MS Word Document
On-line registration form (deadline for registration: 2018-04-24) HTML Document
List of the on-line registered participants HTML Document


CodeTitleSubmitted byFiles
CSR 29/2/1/Rev 22nd Revised Provisional AgendaSecretariat PDF Document
CSR 29/2/2/Rev 1Revised Provisional Annotated AgendaSecretariat PDF Document
CSR 29/6/1Draft NDPHS Progress Report for 2017Secretariat MS Word Document
CSR 29/7/Info 1Summary of discussion of the EG Chairs and ITAs 23 meeting regarding the NDPHS’ role and transferring the results of experts’ work to the policy levelSecretariat PDF Document
CSR 29/7.1/Info 1Information about NoDARS (Northern Dimension Antibiotic Resistance Study) projectSecretariat PDF Document
CSR 29/7.2/Info 1Overview of NDPHS project ideasNDPHS Secretariat and Expert Groups PDF Document
CSR 29/8.1/Info1Northern Dimension Future ForumsNorthern Dimension Institute PDF Document
CSR 29/9/1Approval of the Action Plan accompanying the NDPHS Strategy covering the period of 2018-2020Secretariat MS Word Document
CSR 29/10/1NDPHS evaluationAd hoc working group planning the NDPHS evaluation PDF Document
CSR 24/9.3/Info 1How the NDPHS provides strategic added-value to the development of public health policiesGermany PDF Document
CSR 29/11/1/Rev 1Proposed hosts of future NDPHS meetings and order of rotation of the NDPHS ChairmanshipsChair Country and the NDPHS Secretariat PDF Document
CSR 29/12/Info 1Implementation of the “PA Health Support 2” project: progress and further stepsSecretariat PDF Document
CSR 29/12/Info 2Summary of the application for a new project “PA Health Support 3” Secretariat PDF Document
CSR 29/13/Info 1Contribution of the EUSBSR PA Health to the 2nd report on the implementation of EU macro-regional strategiesSecretariat PDF Document


CSR 29 Meeting minutes PDF Document
List of participants (Annex 1 to the CSR 29 Meeting minutes) PDF Document
List of documents (Annex 2 to the CSR 29 Meeting minutes) PDF Document
Presentation "Alignment of activities of stakeholders with similar aims under umbrella flagship within the EUSBSR PA Health" MS PowerPoint Presentation
Presentation "Umbrella Flagship on Health Promotion" MS PowerPoint Presentation
Presentation "NDPHS flagship on aging: state of play and further steps" MS PowerPoint Presentation
Presentation "Evaluations in the EU External Aid" MS PowerPoint Presentation
Presentation "Implementation of the PA Health Support 2 project: progress and further steps" MS PowerPoint Presentation
Presentation "Proposed PA Health Support 3 project" MS PowerPoint Presentation

*/ Decision documents are marked in red.

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