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28th Meeting of the Committee of Senior Representatives

24 October 2017, Bonn, Germany


Invitation to the 28th Meeting of the NDPHS Committee of Senior Representatives PDF Document
Practical information for participantsMS Word DocumentPDF Document
2nd Revised list of documentsMS Word DocumentPDF Document
Preliminary list of participantsMS Word DocumentPDF Document
On-line registration form (deadline for registration: 2017-10-20) HTML Document
List of the on-line registered participants HTML Document


CodeTitleSubmitted byFiles
CSR 28/2/1Provisional agenda with timetableSecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 28/2/2Provisional annotated agendaSecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 28/3/1CBSS Expert Group on Labour and EmploymentSecretariat PDF Document
CSR 28/5/1Proposal for developing a NDPHS joint project with a potential to become a FlagshipASA EG and the NDPHS SecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 28/7/1Updating Action Plan accompanying the NDPHS Strategy 2020SecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 28/7/2Updating Objective 2 of the Action Plan accompanying the NDPHS Strategy 2020AMR EGMS Word Document 
CSR 28/9/Info 1Implementation of the “PA Health Support 2” project: progress and further stepsSecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 28/10/1NDPHS evaluationSecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 28/11/1Proposed NDPHS Work Plan for 2018SecretariatMS Word Document 
CSR 28/12.1/1Draft provisional PAC 13 agendaEstoniaMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 28/12.2/1PAC 13 side-eventASA EGMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 28/12.3/Info 1NDPHS Chairmanship: typical cycle and main responsibilitiesSecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document
CSR 28/13/Info 1Hosting EG Chairs and ITAs, CSR and non-ministerial PAC meetingsSecretariatMS Word DocumentPDF Document


CSR 28 Meeting minutesMS Word DocumentPDF Document
Report on the stakeholder consultation meetings implemented by the NDPHS Secretariat within the framework of the “PA Health Support 2” project (Annex 1 to the CSR 28 Meeting minutes)MS Word DocumentPDF Document
List of participants (Annex 2 to the CSR 28 Meeting minutes)MS Word DocumentPDF Document
List of documents (Annex 3 to the CSR 28 Meeting minutes)MS Word DocumentPDF Document
Presentation "Implementation of the “PA Health Support 2” project: progress and further steps"MS PowerPoint PresentationPDF Document

*/ Decision documents are marked in red.

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