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AssociateD Expert Groups


As stipulated in the Declaration concerning the establishment of a NDPHS, Expert Groups and networks already existing within the Northern Dimension area may be invited by the Committee of Senior Representatives (CSR) to function also as an Expert Group under the Partnership, in accordance with their original mandates and the objectives of the Partnership. They may also themselves apply for an Associated Expert Group status within the NDPHS. The procedure of association is regulated by the Rules of procedure for approval of new NDPHS Associated Expert Groups.

Currently, the Baltic Sea Network on Occupational Health and Safety (BSN) and the eHealth for Regions Network function as Associated Expert Groups within the NDPHS framework (BSN is directly involved in the Expert Group on Occupational Safety and Health (OSH EG).

To see a graphical presentation of the organisational structure of the NDPHS, please view the organigram.

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