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Ad hoc Working Groups

The Committee of Senior Representatives (CSR) may establish an ad hoc working group, consisting of representatives from interested Partners and other international experts, as appropriate. Such ad hoc working groups operate for a limited period of time and report to the CSR. They may have an advisory role and/or provide professional input to the preparation and implementation of joint activities carried out within the framework of the Partnership. An ad hoc working group organises its own work within the scope of its mandate provided by the CSR.

Since the beginning of 2006, the CSR established the following ad hoc working groups (some of them have completed their work in the meantime):

The documents submitted to ad hoc working group meetings as well as the meeting minutes can be accessed individually through the links above and collectively here. These documents can also be accessed through the Meetings button on the top menu bar.

To see a graphical presentation of the organisational structure of the NDPHS, please view the organigram.

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