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10th working meeting of the Expert Group on Prison Health

07 - 08 April 2010, Arkhangelsk, Russia


Invitation to the 10h working meeting of the Expert Group (EG) on Prison Healt MS Word Document
Invitation to the Planning Meeting of the Barents Tuberculosis Programme  MS Word Document
Приглашение на Планировочное совещание по Программе профилактики туберкулеза  MS Word Document
On-line registration form HTML Document
List of the on-line registered participants HTML Document


CodeTitleSubmitted byFiles
PH EG 10/Info 1Practical information for participants ITA MS Word Document
PH 10/3/1Provisional agenda with timetableITA  
PH 10/3/1(a)Provisional annotated agendaITA MS Word Document
PH 10/5/1Draft Terms of Reference for the NDPHS Expert Group on Prison Health and related issuesITA MS Word Document
PH 10/4/info 1Discussion of Project Proposal “Delivering health and social services to inmates in prison and upon their release into the community"ITA in coordination with Fight Demographic Crisis Foundation (Russia)  MS Word Document
PH 10/9/info 1Discussion on a review on drug-related health and social responses in prisonITA in coorination with EMCDDA MS Word Document
PH/10/13/Info 1NDPHS StrategySecretariat PDF Document
PH 10/13/Info 2NDPHS Work Plan for 2010Secretariat MS Word Document
-Draft Agenda of the Planning Meeting of the Barents Tuberculosis Programme ITA in coordinatio with WGHS of BEAC MS Word Document
-Предварительная повестка дня. Встреча по планированию Баренцевой Программы по борьбе с туберкулёзом ITA in coordinatio with WGHS of BEAC MS Word Document


Minutes from the 10th meeting of the NDPHS PH EG  MS Word Document
Measures to Decrease TB Prevalence in the Barents Region MS PowerPoint Presentation
Report from the Steering Committee meeting of the Barents HIV/AIDS Programme MS PowerPoint Presentation
Report from the JWGHS meeting of November 2009  MS PowerPoint Presentation
TB situation in Murmansk region MS PowerPoint Presentation
HIV situation in Arkhangelsk Region MS PowerPoint Presentation
TB and HIV situation in Komi Republic MS PowerPoint Presentation
Views on the TB situation in prisons  MS PowerPoint Presentation
AFEW in Russia: Focus on Health care and Social support in Prison Settings MS PowerPoint Presentation
Children and Youth at Risk in the Barents Region 2008-2012 (CYAR) MS PowerPoint Presentation
ILO’s Integrated Youth Employment Strategies MS PowerPoint Presentation

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