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Integrated and coordinated governance as well as shared responsibility play an important role in the successful implementation of the Strategy. The stakeholders taking part in the implementation of the Strategy are:

Contact information for the above groups can be found on the EUSBSR website

The roles and responsibilities of these stakeholders are described in the EUSBSR Action Plan. The success of the Strategy depends on the involvement of all relevant stakeholders, therefore it is important that all stakeholders on the local and regional level are involved when and where relevant. 

The NDPHS is the Policy Area Coordinator of the "Health" Policy Area in the EUSBSR. By assuming this role, the NDPHS has committed itself to facilitating and, in some cases, implementing the relevant actions and projects mentioned in the Action Plan. To that end, the NDPHS works to, inter alia, bring together the relevant stakeholders, facilitate and monitor the implementation of projects and periodically report to the European Commission on the progress achieved. 

Call for action 

We invite all interested stakeholders to join our efforts. You can become involved, by participating in project activities facilitated by the NDPHS, or may choose to develop your own activities that contribute to the implementation of the EUSBSR Action Plan. 

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