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Implemented, ongoing and planned activities


As stipulated in the Declaration concerning the establishment of a NDPHSthe Partnership's mission is to promote sustainable development of the Northern Dimension area by improving peoples’ health and social well-being. Accordingly, the NDPHS activities contribute to this process by intensifying cooperation, assisting the Partners and Participants in capacity building, and by enhancing coordination between international activities within the area. The Partnership works within two main priority fields:

The NDPHS activities focus either on thematic areas (individual NDPHS Expert Groups have the main role here) or cross-cutting, horizontal topics (all NDPHS structures play collectively a role here).

The Partnership recognises that making progress towards achieving the set objectives requires profound engagement of other stakeholders operating in the Northern Dimension area. Consequently, it works towards accomplishing these objectives in cooperation with several other organisations and stakeholders.

The following sections provide guidance to web pages and documents providing detailed information about the Partnership’s past, ongoing and planned activities and achievements. Additionally, the “NDPHS EVENTS” section on the homepage provides links to the upcoming and latest events of the Partnership.

Ongoing and planned activities

Information about the Partnership’s ongoing and planned activities is presented in various places of this website depending on its character and the responsible NDPHS structure.

    ° NDPHS Annual Work Plan for 2007 

    ° NDPHS Annual Work Plan for 2008 

    ° NDPHS Annual Work Plan for 2009 

    ° NDPHS Annual Work Plan for 2010 

    ° NDPHS Annual Work Plan for 2011 

    ° NDPHS Annual Work Plan for 2012 

    ° NDPHS Annual Work Plan for 2013

    ° NDPHS Annual Work Plan for 2014 

    ° NDPHS Annual Work Plan for 2016

    ° NDPHS Annual Work Plan for 2017

    ° NDPHS Annual Work Plan for 2018

    ° NDPHS Annual Work Plan for 2019

    ° NDPHS Annual Work Plan for 2020 

    ° NDPHS Annual Work Plan for 2021

    ° NDPHS Annual Work Plan for 2022

All relevant stakeholders are welcome and encouraged to play a role in improving existing health and social conditions by becoming involved in the NDPHS work. Stakeholders interested to be engaged in the EUSBSR Policy Area “Health” activities should read this page first. You are invited to contact the NDPHS Secretariat to discuss further details.

Implemented activities

Information about the Partnership’s past activities is presented in various places of this website depending on its character and the responsible NDPHS structure.

    ° NDPHS Annual Progress Report for 2007 

    ° NDPHS Annual Progress Report for 2008 

    ° NDPHS Annual Progress Report for 2009 

    ° NDPHS Annual Progress Report for 2010 

    ° NDPHS Annual Progress Report for 2011 

    ° NDPHS Annual Progress Report for 2012 

    ° NDPHS Annual Progress Report for 2013 

    ° NDPHS Annual Progress Report for 2014 

    ° NDPHS Annual Progress Report for 2015

The Partnership periodically undergoes an evaluation of its structures, activities, results and their impact, which are conducted by independent consultants. They aim to help keep the NDPHS’ activities focused on delivering tangible results in the areas agreed by the Partners and are an important reference point in the development of subsequent Partnership strategies and action plans. Information about and the results of the most recent evaluations can be found in:

The NDPHS Evaluation Report for 2003-2008;
The NDPHS Evaluation Report for 2009-2013.

On-line Calendar

The on-line Calendar presents information about past, ongoing and upcoming events (e.g. meetings, forums, conferences, seminars, exhibitions) concerning public health and social well-being in the Northern Dimension area (both NDPHS events and non-NDPHS events are displayed). To include your event in the NDPHS database of events, please send a request via e-mail to the NDPHS Secretariat.

Events are displayed in the following categories:

  • All calendar events - displays all events belonging to the categories listed below. To view the event(s) registered for a given day, please click on a respective day in the Calendar box on the welcome page or in the Info Box (on your right-hand side);
  • NDPHS events - events organised by the NDPHS (e.g. PAC, CSR, Expert Groups meetings) are displayed;
  • Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) – related events – events related to antimicrobial resistance are displayed (both organised by the NDPHS AMR Expert Group as well as non-NDPHS events);


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