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About Northern Dimension

Objective and scope

The Northern Dimension is a policy framework for cooperation involving the EU, its Member States and partner countries Iceland, Norway and Russia. It aims at providing a common platform for promoting dialogue and concrete cooperation as well as strengthening stability and promoting economic integration, competitiveness and sustainable development in Northern Europe.

Originally launched in 1997, from the beginning of 2007 the Northern Dimension is defined by two documents, namely the Political Declaration on the Northern Dimension Policy and the Northern Dimension Policy Framework Document– both endorsed at the ND Summit on 24 November 2006 in Helsinki, Finland. 

Due to Russia's unprecedented military aggression against Ukraine, the European Union, Iceland and Norway have suspended until further notice all activities of the Northern Dimension policy which involve Russia, as well as Belarus.

Geographical area covered

The Northern Dimension covers a broad geographic area ranging from the European Arctic and Sub-Arctic areas to the southern shores of the Baltic Sea, including the countries in its vicinity and from North-West Russia in the east to Iceland and Greenland in the west. 

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