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Knowledge & Resources: 2023

Online event: Approaches to culture and health cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region

The potential benefits of art and culture for health and well-being have been well studied and proven – but how to turn theory into practice? In this online event, we showcased examples of concrete cross-sectoral actions and initiatives done in the Baltic Sea Region.

The event was organised by Odense Municipality on behalf of the Interreg BSR “Arts on Prescription” project, the NDPHS as the Coordinator of PA Health in the EUSBSR, and the NDPC, with financial support from the Interreg Baltic Sea Region Programme 2021-2027.

Keywords: Art of staying healthy, Public health, Well-being, PA Health, EUSBSR, Culture, Cross-sectoral collaboration

“Changing Patterns in Alcohol Consumption in the Nordic Countries” – Tune in Health

What are the challenges within alcohol use prevention work in the region and what opportunities a transnational collaboration can bring? In this episode we discuss changes in alcohol consumption patterns in our region and the most effective policy options to reduce health and economic harms from it. Episode’s expert guest is Håkan Leifman from Karolinska Institutet, Sweden.

Keywords: Alcohol use, ASA EG, Sweden, Podcast, Harmful alcohol use, Regional needs

New guide for arts and health collaboration

The guide is about arts-based interventions that combine medical and cultural approaches with the aim of offering support to arts and health practitioners interested in creative approaches to well-being.

Produced in collaboration with the Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture.

Keywords: Art of staying healthy, Health promotion, Well-being, Cross-sectoral collaboration, Culture, Arts and health