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The hidden problem: reduce older adults’ harmful alcohol consumption

Drinking alcohol at an older age has become a progressively prevalent cultural practice. Heavy episodic drinking is in the rise and hazardous drinking resulting in hospitalisation or death have increased. This policy brief presents five knowledge-based policy recommendations to prevent and care for older people with harmful alcohol consumption patterns.

Keywords: Active and healthy ageing, AgeFLAG, Alcohol use, Health and social care, Older adults

Preventing premature deaths in the Northern Dimension area

The policy brief reports key findings of a study that analysed official mortality data on premature deaths under 70 years of age in the North of Europe. The majority of premature deaths are avoidable by effective health promotion, disease prevention, and evidence based medical treatment.

Keywords: Potential years of life lost, PYLL, Premature mortality, Health promotion, Disease prevention, NCD EG

Multimorbidity and ageing in the countries of the Northern Dimension area

The policy brief presents the facts on the ageing and multimordibity in Northern Europe and the Baltic Sea Region, explores the problems, challenges and opportunities, and provides a set of actionable recommendaitons for the different groups of stakeholders, from the policymakers to the general public. The document is a result of an online conference Multimorbidity and Ageing in the Northern Dimension Area held on 23 September 2020.

Keywords: Active and healthy ageing, Chronic diseases, COVID-19, eHealth, Integrated care, Multimorbidity, Older adults, Primary health care