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Economy of Well-being

“How Can the Economy of Well-being Lead to Resilient Communities and Societies?” – Tune in Health

How are we doing as individuals, communities and as nations, and how sustainable is that for the future? In this conversation, we discuss the Economy of Well-being that puts people and their wellbeing at the centre of policy and decision-making. We start with Finland – one of the frontrunners of implementing the Economy of Well-being. The guest expert is Anni Marttinen, Chief Economist at SOSTE – Finnish Social Welfare and Health Association.

Keywords: Economy of well-being, Health in All Policies, Cross-sectoral collaboration, Finland, EUSBSR Annual Forum

Looking back at the Baltic Sea Youth Declaration 2020. Follow-up on recommendations to PA Health

The report on the follow-up of the Baltic Sea Youth Declaration 2020 lists the recommendations given to the PA Health in the EUSBSR and how the NDPHS as a PA Health coordinator has acted on them. The document lists concrete actions that have been achieved so far and what are the future plans and commitments of the PA Health in order to amplify the voices of young people in our region.

Keywords: Active and healthy ageing, PA Health, Economy of well-being, Mental health, EUSBSR