Workshop: Creating innovative solutions by engaging in cross-sectoral collaboration in the Baltic Sea region - NDPHS
13 March 2024
13 March 2024
Workshop: Creating innovative solutions by engaging in cross-sectoral collaboration in the Baltic Sea region
13:00 (GMT+01:00)
The NDPHS Secretariat

The two EU Baltic Sea Strategy Policy Areas of Health and Education are organizing a workshop about how cross-sector cooperation in the Baltic Sea region can create innovative solutions to tackle the tasks and challenges we face together.

This event is a building block in the process of creating a collaboration platform in the Baltic Sea region that will facilitate connections between governments, healthcare and social service providers, private sector, academia and civil society. The process is a part of the project Economy of Well-being of People financed by the Swedish Institute.

The value base for the collaboration platform is drawn from the concept of the Economy of Well-being, which puts people’s well-being in focus for growth and development.

Why participate?

  • Connect with a diverse group of like-minded professionals seeking innovative solutions to their challenges.
  • Gain access to a collaboration platform for engagement at different levels, from receiving information to actively participating in policy and project development.
  • Participate in shaping the future of the Baltic Sea region.

Contribute to the design of the collaborative platform and at the same time benefit from a collective effort to build a stronger, healthier and more prosperous Baltic Sea region. Let’s come together to make an impact and create a brighter future.



For more details see the section “Documents”
13:00 Welcome and introduction

  • Aim and objective of the workshop
  • Introducing the two EUSBSR Policy Areas and the project partners
  • Introducing the collaborative platform and the preparatory project in brief
  • Presentation of a methodology for cross-sectoral collaboration across the Baltic Sea region

13:30 Group discussion

14:15 Healthy break 

14:25 Introduction of the collaborative platform’s proposed thematic work areas

  • Ageing population, Ageism, and Intergenerational communication
  • Education, skills development, lifelong learning and Occupational health and safety
  • Mental health and Loneliness

14:35 Group discussion

15:20 Conclusions and next steps


The workshop is organized by the NDPHS Secretariat (PA Health) and Association Norden Sweden (PA Education).

For more information contact:

Imants Gross at (NDPHS/EUSBSR PA Health)

Anders Bergström at (Norden Association/ EUSBSR PA Education)


The Economy of Well-being for People project is financed by the Swedish Institute


Project coordinators: The NDPHS Secretariat (PA Health) and Association Norden Sweden – Föreningen Norden i Sverige (PA Education)


Project partners: The Public Health Association of Latvia (PHAL), Connected Health Cluster Tallinn Science park Tehnopol Foundation, Riga Planning Region, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Economic Education Institute.



PA Health receives financial support from the Interreg Baltic Sea Region and is co-funded by the European Union.

Name Organisation NDPHS affiliation Country (organisation)
Lars Lindholm Umeå unoversitetNordmaling Sverige
Malin Eneslätt Luleå University of Technology Sweden
Solvita Kļavina-Makrecka Riga Stradiņš University Latvia
Zane Vilnīte NDPHS Secretariat/PA Health Sweden
Saara Rissanen NDPHS Secretariat Sweden
Tuulia Rotko Ministry of Social Affairs and Health Finland
Wiebke Seemann NDPHS Secretariat Sweden
Jurate Tamasauskaite Lithuanian Society of Occupational Health Professionals Lithuania
Gunta Grīnhofa Sigulda Municipality Latvia
Marianne Öhman Region Norrbotten Sverige
Ann-Charlotte Kassberg Region Norrbotten Sverige
Anders Bergström Norden Association Sverige
Guy Madison Umeå university Sverige
Sarmite Pilate Latvian Adult Education Association Latvia
Saulius Vainauskas Lithuanian Society of Occupational Health Professionals Lithuania
Silvija Karklina Ltd VMC Valoda Latvia
Agnieszka Lipinska MA/JS Interreg BSR Germany
Lauma Spriņģe Riga Stradiņš University, Public Health Association of Latvia Latvia
Lolita Pilipaviciene Lithuanian Society of Occupational Health Professionals Lithuania
Aija Bukova-Zideluna Public Health Association of Latvia Latvia
Alona Babica Ministry of Education and Science Latvia
Anita Villerusa Public Health Association of Latvia Latvia
Paulin Jürjens Tehnopol Science and Business Park Estonia
Ülla-Karin Nurm NDPHS Secretariat Sweden
Anete Neilande Employers' Confederation of Latvia (LDDK) Latvia
Maria Pahlberg Skellefteå municipality Sverige
Agris Starts Education, Culture and Sports Administration of Mārupe County Latvia
Kersti Sõgel Tartu Health Care Collegue Estonia
Jelena Barbir Hamburg university of applied sciences Germany
Vita Žunda Riga Planning Region Latvia
Eva Darell International Strategist, City of Stockholm, Labour Market Department Sverige
Guntars Kniksts Ropaži municipality Latvia
Janis Broks SIA "Dzīves oāze" Latvia
Evija Lukina Ropazi Municipality Government Latvia
Mikael Bergström Länsstyrelsen Västerbotten Sverige
Carolina Lenesdotter Region Kalmar county Sweden
Håkan Ottoson Ottoson Consulting Sweden
Imants Gross NDPHS Secretariat / EUSBSR PA Health Sweden