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NDPHS Visual Identity

In 2021 NDPHS developed a new visual identity as the implementation of a three-year-long EU grant project More impact together to empower Northern Stakeholders (Mittens). The new visual identity will be adopted and fully integrated during the first part of 2022.

The visual identity is inspired by embroidery, traditional weaving, and characteristic folk patterns that are uniquely associated with the Northern Dimension area. Despite being contemporary, geometric shapes and lines evoke nostalgic memories of warm sweaters, cozy scarves, and traditional blankets.

The threads are intertwined with each other just as partner countries work together to create a strong and efficient partnership. Connecting together they form the „X” sign, which is commonly used as a symbol of collaboration.

The color palette with shades of blue creates a resemblance to water and snow that are so common across the area combined with warm ruby red associated with a human touch and health.


Design brief presentation.  

Usage of the NDPHS logo by parties other than the NDPHS Partners is subject to authorisation. Requests for permission should be sent to the NDPHS Secretariat at in advance.

Visual identity was developed in collaboration with a branding studio Podpunkt (Poland).

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